Who is WA4Change?

Washingtonians for Change (WA4Change) was established in State of Washington in 2020 with change in mind by design. A group of people from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures came together to finally have their voice be heard. We are not career politicians, just common residents exercising our Constitutional rights to ensure freedom for all. For too long, the government has been working for itself rather than We the People. Every day, a growing number of citizens join us as we strive for a better future for our state. We need to stand united, overcome our differences and together build a brighter tomorrow.

Our Principles


We believe Freedom to be a fundamental right of all US Citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution. We are equal before the law and need to be treated accordingly, without fear of mistreatment or extortion from the government and its institutions. Government should stand as the safeguard of our freedoms, making sure we feel protected without repression.


All of us are striving for better lives and the ones closest to us. Equal in our opportunities, we strive toward personal growth, happiness and security. Harnessing the powers of progress and experience, with every day we should improve our State and our lives, whilst protecting our heritage and the environment. Now, it is more important than ever to secure a sustainable growth towards a prosperous future for our children.


Since the beginning of its history, the citizens of our states showed a hunger for advancement that few can match in the world. From software to industrial engineering, from wind farms to furniture factories, Washingtonians know how to develop and prosper. Whether it is social or economic progress, we have learned to work together to achieve greater good, taking riches from our differences. The government should help us foster that, not pit us against each other or try to stomp our spirit.


This land of opportunity was built by people from all walks of life, moving here in search of a better future. Embracing that, we should strengthen the bonds that join us together, engaging in the workplace, through services, tourism and schools. Reaching all four corners of our state, minding all groups, we should consider what is best for each of us and act accordingly. We are all different, with different needs and goals, but we are united by our home and our the pursuit of happiness.

Our Positions

Despite our many differences, here are the common positions that we believe will help our State:


Our future lies in the next generation of Washingtonians. As we believe in the principles of equality of opportunity we must provide for them the level of education that will guarantee them the ability to best expand their skills and perform their designed career. We need to make education cheaper for the taxpayers but of higher quality, improving the competition between schools, not only based on grades, but also what is being taught and how.


Few places on Earth can match the natural beauty of our state. We have a duty to preserve this state's ecosystem for future generations. Conservation starts with each one of us, and we should keep it in mind whenever we buy something or throw it out. More than ever before ,we should introduce ways to move a state or our presence that does not bear a negative environmental impact. We should expect that from one another, and from the businesses we interactive with, as well as, the govenment.


Freedom of enterprise stands at the foundation of the American prosperity and development. Entrepreneurs are the basis of our progress, and the reason we can now benefit from so much improvements to our lives. Jobs, products, and services all stem from the ability to enter and compete in the market. We need to protect and foster that, making it easier for individuals to establish companies, run, and improve better serving their customers. The power of choice is immense and we should utilize it for a better prosperity for all of us.


We are all different in our everyday life, but we should all be the same before the law. The government and its security force should make us feel safe and protect our rights as individuals. They are here to serve and protect us, and this should be on the forefront of every decision taken by Law Enforcement. From training to execution, they are members of our communities and it is the community who they are serving.


Our country is founded on people coming from all regions of the world to realize their full potential and have a better life. This great legacy cannot be forgotten or forsaken. We must deal with our past, learn from it, and embrace the potential for unity we have, integrating better. We are united by the shared goals, values, and symbols, more than by anything else. From here into the future, we should only grow in our cooperation and camaraderie, in spite of our differences. We should all be equal before the law and not have our background impact our changes.


Despite ever-increasing spending, our quality of public services does not rise accordingly. We need to make sure that every tax payer dollar spent is spent wisely and to the benefit of our citizens today and in the future. We need to lower our taxes to achieve more wealth, social mobility, and financial security. We should trust our citizens that they will dispose of their income the way they see fits best. Independent of your income, the government should never be a burden.


We have a crisis on our hands and it is tied to many issues that we are trying to combat everyday. Many young and elderly people find it tricky to find jobs in the current climate. Many veterans and individuals suffering from mental health issues or addictions end up on the streets. We need a comprehensive approach to solve it, rather than empty promises. Mental health awareness and care programs. Lower occupancy restrictions and barriers to entry. More modern approaches to tackle drug and opioid addictions. More resources from the military's budget being directed to improving care and reintroduction for our veterans.

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