Our members and leaders are active throughout Washington State!

Our Testimonies

Many of our members have lived experience in socialist and communist countries. Click below to listen to their stories.

WA4Change members, Scott, Michelle and Jamie, were on two radio talk shows speaking against public school teachers sexualizing our children. This was a response to a Language Arts Teacher who assigned 7th graders to analyze and write about an explicitly obscene poem. Here is an excerpt of the poem: “….I mean, how insecure are you, White Hollywood, when diversity means placing Asian males in asexual supporting roles. never getting the girls. I mean, I get it, you don’t need Viagra, (45) you can suck your own d**k. Because you get a colonized er**tion every single time you cast Asian women As love interest sex slaves. See, you tell society, white person saves me by pushing me out of harm’s way (50)….”

WA4Change on The Dori Monsoon Show KIRO 97.3 FM

WA4Change on Ari Hoffman KVI 570 radio talk show

See our members in action!

Dr. Wei Lin (WA4Change member), YiQun Fu Dykstra and Dr. Gang He share their experiences with communism in China onĀ QMAmerica.

Shocking! Most American youth are in favor of Socialism! We Socialism survivors tell you the truth.

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